Modulift Expands Poole, Dorset Manufacturing Facility

Modulift is moving into a new 22,000 square foot manufacturing facility in its hometown of Poole, Dorset, as the provider of spreader beams and other equipment used below-the-hook of a crane, continues its global growth strategy from the UK’s south coast.

Backed by 23% growth in 2018, Modulift will transition into the state-of-the-art manufacturing site throughout this year. Expansion chimes with a significant recruitment campaign that will see personnel numbers at the company rise by up to 30%, the majority of which will be sourced from the local area.

“A hub for industry, engineering, and manufacturing”

Sarah Spivey, managing director at Modulift, said: “The immediate and surrounding region is underrated as a hub for industry, engineering, and manufacturing. We’re proud of our roots in Poole and have proven that we can assemble a team here that can sustain consistent growth and compete globally with anyone in our marketplace. We are perfectly located, in many ways, to execute our dynamic strategy from the geography.”

The focal point of Modulift’s business model is a range of off-the-shelf and engineered lifting products. Spreader beams up to 600t capacity are in stock and available worldwide via approved distributors and rental partners. The modularity of the product makes it perfect for export; parts fit in standard containers for economic, efficient shipping and transportation, which keeps the carbon footprint as low as possible. Additionally, custom-designed solutions, can reach up to 1,500t capacity and beyond.

The new manufacturing facility will offer a myriad of benefits to Modulift that will cascade down to its distributors and end users, but it is centred on a custom design engineering core that will increase the pace of production and cut lead times. Backed by the storage and production space, machinery, and expertise, even the most demanding heavy lifting projects will be delivered to the world’s offshore, subsea, infrastructure, and other sites faster than by anyone else in the industry.

Spivey said: “Modulift is renowned in the heavy lift and rigging sector as an engineering company beyond a supplier of our iconic beams; we are regularly consulted on some of the most complicated and demanding projects. With enhanced manufacturing capability, somewhere in the region of triple the size of our previous site, we will be able to receive an order and deliver, say, a 600t+ capacity design engineered below-the-hook solution within four weeks. That’s unprecedented and thusly unrivalled in our field.”

She added: “Our equipment is used in an inherently dangerous environment; cranes lift hundreds, sometimes thousands, of tonnes in close proximity to people and property. Exporting below-the-hook equipment requires us to manufacture to all the relevant global and regional standards, from offshore standard DNV GL AS to EurAsian Conformity, and Australian Compliance.”

Modulift is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified.