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Lifting beam for low height lifts

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of a lifting beam?

A lifting beam is typically a low-height lifting solution. They are the ideal solution for indoor lifts or where lifts have restricted headroom. 

There can be a single or multiple attachment points on the top of the beam to connect to the crane, and there are typically two or more evenly spaced lifting lugs on the underside of the beam that attach to and support the load via hook or sling. 

What is the difference between a lifting beam and spreader beam?

When it comes to below-the-hook lifting equipment, the decision to use a lifting beam or spreader beam depends on the type of lift and amount of headroom available. 

Spreader beams are typically used where there is ample headroom. A spreader beam is used when the lift puts a compressive stress on the beam as opposed to lifting beams which convert lifting loads into bending moments on the beam. 

Loads being lifted using a spreader beam can only be supported on the two ends of the beam, as opposed to a lifting beam, which can have multiple lifting points along the bottom to lift the load. Loads with multiple lifting points can be lifted using a spreader beam by cascading rig, but this requires a large amount of headroom. 

Who is the leading manufacturer of lifting beams?

Modulift is the number one choice for lifting beams worldwide. The company has been supplying heavy lifting below-the-hook equipment across the globe for over two decades. Modulift has a solid reputation for high quality off-the-shelf spreader beams and lifting beams together with customised solutions. 

If your project calls for a lifting beam, the Modulift team will work with you to design and supply the right beam for your needs, no matter how simple or complex the project.