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Comprehensive Courses for End Users, Resellers, Distributors, and Rental Companies

Who is this training for?

End Users

Are you an HSE, site manager, engineer or purchaser? Do you work for a crane rental, logistics, contract lifting or an Original Equipment Manufacturer? Modulift Training gives you the product knowledge and technical know-how you require on site.
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Resellers & Distributors

Are you a reseller or distributor of Modulift products, or would you like to list our products? Perhaps you are a lifting gear rental company or buying house. Modulift Training Academy equips your sales team with the product knowledge they need to confidently sell the full Modulift range.
2 MOD 1000 spreader beams performing Load Test

Rental Companies

Do you offer hire or rental of Modulift products? Whether you work on the hire desk or in operations, Modulift Training Academy can equip you with both on-the-ground training for pre-assembly, together with product training on how best to promote the product range to your customers.
Spreader beams lifting fire truck in Japan

Learning Outcomes

Inspection & Testing

  • Understanding our inspection criteria
  • Information on deformation of profiles and damage to tube and flanges
  • Understanding testing procedures and proof load factors

Product Familiarisation

  • Getting to know the full range of Modulift spreaders.
  • Understanding how to utilise and combine sizes and components to optimise your systems

User Instructions Overview

  • Demonstration on how to read the user instructions and load v span charts
  • How to select components for the required span
  • Assembly procedures
  • Do’s and don’ts

Safe Use

  • Correct strut positioning.
  • Centre of Gravity

Misuse Examples

  • Photos of and explanations of various types of misuse, how NOT to use Modulift spreaders. This is paramount to ensure safe lifting operations.

Safety Checklist

  • Inspection and documentation prior to use
  • Bolt tightening

Safe Rigging

  • How to correctly rig and utilise the slings and shackles
  • How to correctly rig the drop links and lower slings and shackles

Lifting Beams vs Spreader Beams

  • “Lifting beam” seems to be a generic term, but there is a major difference between a lifting beam and a spreader beam. We can help you to understand the differences and where each would be used.

Custom Design

  • Understand how Modulift can assist you by providing custom solutions for challenging lifts
  • We can work with you to engineer and manufacture custom lifting solutions for specific scenarios

Make a Training Enquiry

To contact Modulift regarding training, please complete our training enquiry form