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    A Modulift Spreader Beam can be easily adapted using one of our specially designed Additional Modulift Components; these adaptations enable your Spreader Beam to be used in various ways over a number of lifts, maximizing its use and providing a cost effective heavy lifting solution. As well as economical benefits, the Cone Adaptors or Step-Down End Units ensure your lift will be lighter and easier to handle, please see below for details of how these components work and can assist your lift.

    Modulift Step Down End Units and Cone Adapters

    • Modulift step down end units and cone adaptors are ideal for longer spans where a larger spreader is required to enable the span to be achieved but the high capacity is not required.
    • The cone adaptors fit the struts of the larger system and allow a smaller end unit to be fitted.
    • The step down end units work on a very similar principal and are utilised for the same purpose but are a single unit and are used to reduce from MOD 110 down.
    • Both the cone adaptors and the step down end units allow various systems to be utilised together, or allows the user to utilise existing spreaders, thus making the Modulift spreaders more versatile and eliminating the need to purchase or manufacture entire new spreaders.

    Modulift Drop Links Are Unique!

    Having the separate drop link means that any misalignment +/-6° of the bottom slings (i.e. if they are not vertical because the span of the spreader is longer or shorter than the distance between the lifting points on the load being lifted) will not induce bending into the Modulift Spreader, unlike the fixed end design. Therefore the Modulift Spreader design is like a ‘pin-ended strut’, and all the load transferred from the slings to the spreader is purely axial. This means that, like-for-like, our Spreaders are much lighter when comparing similar capacity beams.
    Drop Link

    Clevis and Delta Drop Links

    Clevis drop link option enables the user to have two slings hung from each end of the beam for a variety of benefits. Call or email us for more information.

    celvis drop