Load Monitoring Spreader Beam

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Main Benefits Are:

Reduce your rigging and the weight

Simplified, integrated load equalisation capability

Can be purchased separately for existing valued customers

No more overloading shackles and slings

Saves you time and money on rigging

Modulift load monitoring spreader beam with an active link
CLS spreader beam with Active Links

The Active Link, which replaces the standard drop link component, presents a host of benefits with time and cost.

Existing valued customers can purchase the drop link separately, saving weight which all attributable to the fact that measurement technology doesn’t have to be sourced as an additional rigging tool. Another standout feature is that the height of rigging is significantly reduced, benefitting low headroom applications.

The Active Link is available in a range of capacities up to 100t based on standard Modulift beam sizes from MOD 12 to MOD 70H; the initial range will be AL 12, AL 24, AL 34, AL 50, AL 70 and AL 70H.