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Additional Components

A Modulift Spreader Beam can be easily adapted using one of our specially designed Additional Modulift Components; these adaptations enable your Spreader Beam to be used in various ways over a number of lifts, maximizing its use and providing a cost effective heavy lifting solution. As well as economical benefits, the Cone Adaptors or Step-Down End Units ensure your lift will be lighter and easier to handle, please see below for details of how these components work and can assist your lift.

Cone Adaptors & Step-Down End Units

Either Cone Adaptors or Step-­Down End Units are bolted to the Modulift Strut section of the Spreader Beam enabling smaller and lighter End Units and Drop Links to be used but more notably smaller Shackles and Slings – as the total overall weight is greatly reduced, the equipment becomes lighter and much easier to handle and assemble.

modulift cone adaptorCone Adaptor Example 

For a long, light load that is 20 metres (65ft) and 20t, you would require a MOD 250 Spreader Beam due to the span required. Cone Adaptors can be used so that much lighter MOD 70 End Units can be bolted on the ends of MOD 250 Struts. The combined weight savings by substituting the MOD 250 End Units/Drop Links/Shackles with MOD 70 versions would be over 1000kgs/2200lbs (reducing from 1570kgs/3460lbs down to 550kgs/1212lbs).

modulift step down end unit  Step-­Down End Units Example

Lifting 24t at a 12 metre span (40ft), a MOD 70 would be the ideal size because of the length. Adapted with the Step-Down End Units so the weight of End Units/Drop Links/Shackles reduces from 260kgs/570lbs down to 124kgs/270lbs.

Cone Adaptors are available from the MOD 250 right up to our largest size
Step-­Down End Units are available from MOD 50 up to MOD 110

modulift clevis drop link 90 degree Clevis Drop Links & Delta Plates

Delta Plates are available and are interchangeable with Modulift Drop Links. It is also possible to rotate the orientation of the Delta Plate by 90 degrees by using a 90 degree Clevis Drop Link in place of the Modulift Drop Link. A benefit of this assembly is that there are 2 axes of rotation.

modulift drop link cradle Drop Link Cradles

The Drop Link Cradle is an assembly aid, and is available for the MOD 250 and larger sizes. The Drop Link Cradle can help with aligning the top hole of the Drop Link with the holes in the End Unit. These need to be ordered at the same time as ordering the Spreader Beams so that lugs can be welded to the End Units to facilitate the use of the Drop Link Cradle.

modulift rfid tag RFID Tags

We are now able to offer RFID ready products. We use the Syntag RFID tag, which is manufactured from an engineered composite material that overcomes the radio frequency blocking effects of traditional steel ID tags without compromising the durability required in heavy lifting construction and industrial service. They are compatible with inspection and asset management systems from Crosby Quick Check, InfoChip Systems, N4 Systems and iTraax.

Please ask if you wish for your Spreader Beam, Lifting Beam or Lifting Frame to be fitted with RFID technology.

modulift logistic cradle Logistics  Cradles

Logistics Cradles enable Spreader Beam components, Shackles and Slings to be safely and conveniently stored in multi-layer stackable logistics Cradles. They provide a slot for every individual component, and can be handled easily with a forklift.

 For more information on Additional Components, or to discuss your heavy lifting requirements, please contact Modulift on +44 (0)1202 621511 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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