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Custom design services

Rig Design

Moduift’s team of experienced Lifting Engineers can assist you with selecting the right Lifting Rig for the job. Key considerations include safety, cost and availability of equipment. Modulift can discuss the detailed requirements of the lift with you, and recommend the most suitable Lifting Rig that meets the needs of the project. The entire Lifting Rig can be supplied by Modulift so that you can purchase it from one convenient source. Spreader Beams are stocked up to 400t, and Shackles are stocked up to 150t capacity for immediate despatch.

For more complex lifts such as Multi-­Point lifts, Modulift can offer a Lifting Rig design service on a fixed fee basis.

Modulift Rig Design  

1. Single Spreader Beam: 2-­Point Lift

2. Single Spreader Beam: 4-­Point Lift

3. 3 Spreader Beams – '1-­over-­2' 4-­Point Lift

4. 3 Spreader Beams – '1-­over-­2' in-­line: 4-­Point Lift

5. 2 Spreader Beams – '1-­over-­1' 3-­Point Lift

6. Multiple Spreader Beams: Multi-Point Lift

7. Spreader Frames

8. Lifting Frames

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