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Meet the Team

Harshal Kulkarni, Engineering Manager


Harshal graduated with a Master’s degree in structural engineering in 2008 from Pune University, one of India’s top universities. He started his career as a structural design engineer in the oil and gas sector, rapidly progressing to a senior position. 
In 2013, he moved to Bahrain to work for Nass Corporation, the largest manufacturing and lifting company in Bahrain, as an engineering manager for their fabrication and heavy lifting division. He worked within Nass Industrial Services and Sarens Nass, a joint venture with the crane and heavy lifting Belgium-based company.
Harshal joined Modulift in April 2019 as the engineering manager of our in-house engineering team. His global experience in the lifting industry and ability to develop smart engineering tools, strengthens Modulift’s ability to produce fast-paced quality designs and to develop new lifting products. 
Outside of work, he has a great passion for playing chess and has a professional FIDE rating of 1400 +