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Our sample Case Studies describe projects where Modulift has either supplied the off-the-shelf range of products, or have adapted exsisting designs to suit individual lifting requirements. Additionally we can also design and manufacture an entirely Custom Design Service.

Please see our Case Studies below.

Boat Lift

Icelandic crane rental company DS Lausnir provided lifting and rigging gear, including a frame made of Modulift beams, to lift a 45t boat into water for the first time. Click here for more information



Baltic mobile crane rental company Strele Logistcis supplied lifting and rigging equipment, including a Modulift Spreader beam, as a 49t chimney was installed. Click here for more information

Rental firm Bryson Crane employed two spreader beams, manufactured by Modulift, below-the-hook of a Terex all-terrain crane to lift the first of 17 90,000-lb. Click here for more information


Look no further than the Modulift Lattice Spreader Beam! “It is incredibly well built and very safe.” The Modulift Lattice Spreader is designed for light loads that require multiple support points along its length. Click here for more information

Three Modulift spreader beams were used in a one-over-two configuration beneath the hook of a 350t capacity mobile crane. Click here for more information 


 A modular spreader frame was key to lifting the 4.2t bell tower back into place, as restoration of Manchester's Wythenshawe Hall continues. Click here for more information


Modulift spreader beams combined with other rigging equipment in 19 different configurations to complete over 200 lifts during modular construction of the citizenM Hotel in South Lake Union, Seattle, Washington recently. Click here for more information


Heavy Lift

1500 tonne Spreader BeamModulift has manufactured its largest ever spreader beam that can lift a staggering 1,500t at a span of 20m. Click here for more information


Lifting Gear

Modulift Spreader frame lifting a four wheel drive vehicleA modular spreader frame was centre stage at Pinewood Studios recently as FLG Services, a lifting equipment hire specialist, provided a solution to lift a four-wheel drive vehicle for a top-secret filming project at the iconic location. Click here for more information

Modulift Spreader Frame lifting the famous horse statues on to a lorryIrish rental firm O’Carroll Haulage and Crane Hire used a modular spreader frame to lift  two famous bronze statues and place them into temporary storage while a major  construction project takes place at the Curragh Racecourse. Click here for more  information


Modulift Spreader Beams in a one over two. Lifting a load of containers, power cabinets and a space frameModulift supplied a custom below-the-hook solution to lift an 85t load from the dockside onto a vessel at Hyundai Heavy Industries’ shipyard in Mipo Bay, Ulsan, Korea. Click here for more information


Modular Buildings

Modulift one-over-two-over-four spreader beam configuration lifting a modular building over a houseBelow-the-hook equipment manufacturer Modulift provided a solution when the height of rigging had to be kept to a minimum. Click here for more information



Modulift Spreader Beams lifitng half a heli pad on to a ship

Certex (UK) used two modified spreader beams from Modulift’s heavy, off-the-shelf range to lift two none identical halves of a helipad. Click here for more information 

Modulift Spreader Beam lifting components from an oil rig above the seaModulift designed and manufactured two 550t WLL Spreader Beams for the Offshore Transportation & Installation of Pre Assembled Units onto Floating Production, Storage, and Offloading vessels. Click here for more information

Bridon-bekaert Ropes Group supplied a pair of Modulift spreader beams with a series of sheathed spiral strand mooring lines manufactured at the former’s Neptune Quay facility in Newcastle, UK for Bluewater Energy Services. Click here for more information

A 6t capacity spreader beam was the linchpin in lifting navigation skids onto offshore structures that guide vessel traffic and helicopters operating in Dutch waters of the North Sea. Click here for more information



Two Modulift spreader beams have enhanced productivity, allowing two steel coils to be lifted at the same time at the Ingeniero Buitrago Port in Argentina. Click here for more information


Below-the-hook equipment manufacturer Modulift and Siemens HTT combined forces to design a special rig for lifting modules that weighed nearly 200t apiece. Click here for more information


Two Modulift spreader beams were utilised below the hooks of a pair of Liebherr telescopic boom cranes as a floating tidal energy project was dismantled at the Port of Vigo, on the northwest coast of Spain. Click here for more information


Ship Building

Modulift one-over-two spreader beam rig lifting components of a wind turbine

Modulift, designed and built spreaders to lift the world’s most powerful gas turbine: the Rolls-Royce MT30 turbine. Click here for more information 




Modulift Subsea Spreader Beam lifting an instalment of a subsea heavy-oil rig

Modulift has manufactured two custom subsea spreader beams for one of the worlds leading Subsea Construction Company’s who are currently conducting a large-scale engineering, procurement, installation and construction. Click here for more information

Modulift Subsea Spreader BeamModulift provided a custom lifting beam as specialist pipeline contractor Stockton Drilling completed multiple lifts of a 28t, 18m-long tunnel boring machine that was working subsea at the Beatrice Offshore Wind farm/Direct Pipe Landfalls project. Click here for more information

Below-the-hook equipment manufacturer Modulift recently refurbished two subsea spreader beams for a major subsea installation contractor before they were used to lift 260t and 280t manifolds for a field development. Click here for more information



Modulift Lattice Beam over two spreader beams lifting parts of a wind turbineModulift have designed and manufactured the giant lifting rig used for the fast and efficient lifting and assembly of the Repower’s 5MWgiant wind turbines at Harland and Wolff. Click here for more information

Modulift has supplied two large spreader beams to complete a rig that will lift 20 wind farm jacket foundations onto vessels at ST3 Offshore’s dockside in Poland. Click here for more information


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