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Modulift: Calculating Success!

Modulift has launched their new and exclusive Spreader Beam Calculator which is accessible on their website

The Spreader Beam Calculator allows customers to enter the sling angle, span and weight that they are working with to obtain the details of which Modulift spreader beam is suited for their lift.

The calculator can instantly compute Modulift's full range, displaying the series from the MOD 6 spanning a minimum 0.4m/1ft 4" at 6t to the maximum MOD 600XB/1000; 26m/85ft at 400t.

"The new application has been months in the process and we are thrilled to be launching it today. We wanted an easy to use functionality whereby our customers could simply select their preferred sling angle, span and weight so that they can easily match the Modulift Spreader in the range.'" says Sarah Spivey Modulift's Managing Director.

This has been the dedicated project of the Modulift marketing team, with the sole aim to bring a unique interactive tool to their customers and distributors in order to make lifting choices, calculations and plans quicker and easier.

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