Modulift Proudly Supports Global Lifting Awareness Day #GLAD2024

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Modulift proudly announces its support for Global Lifting Awareness Day (GLAD) 2024, powered by the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA) and other supporting organisations. GLAD has evolved into a globally recognised event celebrated by manufacturers, suppliers, end-users, and industry stakeholders alike, all united in promoting safe and high-quality load lifting practices.

Ross Moloney, CEO at LEEA, emphasized the significance of GLAD’s growing prominence, stating, “GLAD is now positioned as a globally recognized concept and has achieved a brand-like status, perhaps ahead of schedule, following ongoing efforts from industry stakeholders to raise its profile.” This year, #GLAD2024 focuses on themes of skills and employment, aiming to raise awareness about career opportunities within the lifting industry and highlight the importance of continual professional development (CPD) and training.

The revamped GLAD2024 logo symbolises this evolution, shifting focus from specific equipment components to the event itself, emphasising inclusivity and unity within the industry. Moloney reiterated, “The messaging has always been underpinned by raising awareness — a theme that endures. We are still raising awareness, but the difference will be that we will focus on attracting new recruits and developing those already in the industry.”

By showcasing the industry as an exciting and dynamic place to work, with a spotlight on skills development and employment opportunities, #GLAD2024 aims to attract a broader audience and promote excellence in lifting standards.

LEEA’s overarching vision of reducing accidents, injuries, and fatalities within the lifting industry aligns with the objectives of GLAD2024. Through knowledge transfer initiatives, including CPD programs, online training platforms, and technical resources, LEEA continues to drive excellence and innovation within the industry.

Join Modulift and LEEA in celebrating the lifting industry on Thursday, July 18th, and spread the message with the #GLAD2024 hashtag.

Let’s make GLAD2024 a resounding success, together! For more information please visit the Global Lifting Awareness Day website.

Global Lifting Awareness Day