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Modulift’s Expansion into Wind Energy Sector Accelerates with Wind Tower Lift in South America

Wind Tower Lift in South America

The rise in renewable energy sources has accelerated demand for Modulift spreader beams to lift turbines, towers and monopiles at onshore and offshore wind farms worldwide. As part of this expansion, global ship operator G2 Ocean deployed a Modulift Spreader Beam to Colombia for the lift of a 63mt Nordex Wind Tower.

Colombia provides good conditions for wind power generation, with wind forces of around 9m/s. G2 Ocean assembled a MOD 250 Spreader Beam on-site in the north of Colombia, the location of most wind farms in the country due to the position off the Caribbean coast. The cylindrical Nordex TS105 wind tower sections were successfully lifted from the Star Lysefjord vessel to Puerto Brisa, a small cargo terminal in the north.

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MOD 250 Spreader beam lifting wind tower section