Modulift’s custom design solutions are the perfect answer for complex lifts

Image of Modulift Lifting Beam

Modulift, well known in the industry for their popular modular design spreader beams and frames, has seen their orders for custom designed lifting solutions increase substantially since the beginning of the year, and there are no signs of that pace slowing down. This is great news for the global below the hook manufacturer and their team of in-house engineers.

As the demand for innovation enquiries increases across the industry, with over 150 years of experience in that one team alone, Modulift are quick to turn their knowledge into innovative solutions for their customers.

Safety & Speed of delivery is at the core of their business, as turnaround times are an important service for their customers.

Efficient processes

Modulift have been working hard to improve their already streamlined processes as their teams of experts that include Sales, Engineering and Manufacturing are now all under one roof in their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. This has enabled them to fulfil complex orders within as little as 3 weeks, beginning at the initial enquiry with detailed discussions to fully understand the clients lifting requirements, right through to the design, manufacture, painting and despatch.

Communication is key

Clear and effective communication from the initial enquiry stage has always been a major strength to Modulift’s customer service approach, and this continues to prove invaluable when designing the right lifting solution, as well as being a cost-effective option.

Harshal Kulkarni, Engineering Manager at Modulift, said: “Our custom design solutions are being used across the whole spectrum of the lifting industry for a wide variety of complex lifts. We have also seen an increased amount of lifts requiring a low height frame solution requiring adjustability biaxially and performing as multifunctional lifting tools in lifting and spreader configurations. Whilst we have existing off the shelf products which include the popular Modulift MOD AML and our Modulift CMOD series matching both requirements, we have found that a custom designed product can often be the best solution for lifts like these. We have also been engaged in customising our standard products to suit customer requirements in the most cost-effective manner too”.