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MOD® Spreader Beam struts can be used with other Modulift products for use over multiple lifts.

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The Modulift® Product Lineup

The MOD® Spreader Beam is the linchpin in our product line up; a versatile foundation that seamlessly modifies into the CMOD & TriMOD Spreader Frames and shackle-free TRUNNION Spreader Beam.

For niche applications; we have the SUBSEA Spreader Beam for deep water use, and LATTICE for long, lightweight loads.

The Lifting Beam range features the versatile MULTI-POINT Lifting Beam and the clamp-based CLS; both transform from lifting beam to semi-spreader beam.

Spreader Beams

Spreader beams, the backbone of our lifting equipment.  These beams are used to distribute (or ‘spread’) the load of a heavy item being lifted by a crane. A spreader beam puts a compressive stress on the beam as opposed to a bending stress. It is designed to keep the slings below the beam at a 90 degree angle to avoid the load being damaged. The weight of the load being lifted is equally distributed between the two bottom slings when the centre of gravity is central. 

With customisable features such as cone adaptors, stepdown end units, clevis drop-links and trunnion end units, spreader beams excel in handling diverse weights and sizes. They’re versatile and adaptable, catering to a wide spectrum of industries, from construction and renewable energy to breakbulk and ports.

Lifting Beams

Modulift’s range of lifting beams include the versatile Multi-Point Lifting Beam and the clamp-based CLS, both able to transform from lifting beam to semi-spreader.

On top of this, we can custom make any Lifting Beam, to any size and specification. Lifting beams offer superior stability and ease of handling, making them perfect for loads that are too flexible or fragile to be lifted without support. They are also useful for indoor lifts or lifts with restricted headroom.

Lifting Beams provide a reliable and secure means of lifting loads in various industries, including oil & gas, renewable energy and construction.

Spreader Frames

Modulift’s CMOD® and TriMOD Spreader Frames are a convenient, cost-effective method to lift circular or multi-point loads. The beauty of Modulift’s range is its adaptability to suit different lifting scenarios.

A spreader frame is an economical lifting solution made up of a combination of struts and corner units. Used to lift heavy loads with more than 2 lifting points, a spreader frame reduces lost height and can be adapted to various sizes and configurations.

Spreader frames are recommended for loads that have more than two lifting points; they can also be the ideal lifting equipment when headroom is limited. Modulift offer several types of spreader frames for multi-point lifts including the 4-, 6- or 8-point CMOD frame and the 3-point TrMOD spreader frame.  

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